Forgot to snap photos of Commissure so here is the Instagram vid I made. A clip of each song of the set.


chilly morning, :( this makes me feel better goin 2 werk,

commissure performing think happy thoughts x3 in basement @/hh.

hadnt seen this vid b4, it made me so happy, got my bitches next to me and all my homeboys, me and tuck exchange a big smile w/ camera pan, someone smokes weed in a really cute way.. weird to see wat u look like at shows, i b lookin up in the air and shit?

if you missed our last show @ the hemlock tavern, our buddy danny recorded most of our set. thanks!

cachondo tour in olympia

"necklace" live at the track house in olympia, wa.

beautifully blurry. live @ yayos’ tacos 08/06/12. thanks damon!


Commissure- Midnight 40’s with Patti Mayonnaise 7/28 @ I am we house


Commissure- Necklace 7/28 @ I am we house


Commissure- Limerence 7/28 @ I am we house


skated a bit in the mcdonald’s parking lot.

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